Robert Arseneau, VEMM
Event Planner

It could be argued that Rob has always been an event planner. As a child he has memories of helping his parents set up meals and snacks for gatherings, always interested in food presentation. It was not until years later that he realized this could be a career. After a few contracts that had a large event planning element, he started his first full time event role 7 years ago planning and executing events for a corporate law firm. Curating amazing event experiences became his passion.

Rob is always finding ways to improve the attendee experience and chasing the “Wow, cool!!”. As an aspiring Event Tech Guru, Rob likes to learn about how event tech works, the latest trends, and how they can be incorporated into an event.

Rob has achieved his Virtual Events Meeting Management and On-Site Pandemic Protocol Certifications and actively learning about how to make events more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Outside of the event world he is intoxicated by anything to do with boats and sailing. The pandemic has also opened him to biking and exploring the city of Toronto.