Lee-Anne Bigwood
Special Projects Consultant

Lee-Anne is a ‘professional noticer’ and ‘energizer’ with a reputation for jumping in with quick competency, and a gift for finding scheduling, logistical or other efficiencies.

An early and sustained interest in arts, sustainability and community inspired a range of employment from research and development in the education and fitness industries to the outdoors, where she worked for an urban landscaping and contracting company. Lee-Anne held multiple positions on the financial management and production support teams at CBC TV and Radio News. She has also provided independent organizational assistance to entrepreneurs and artists, and HR administration and coordination at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). Her most recent role was in program management, coordination and then direction at the charitable non-profit StopGap Foundation.

Lee-Anne has been recognized as a “Green Communities Canada Outstanding Board Member” and has been a valued staff collaborator to charitable and non-profit boards. She cares deeply about helping her personal and professional peers and shines when her heightened capacity to ‘deal with numbers and boxes’ is integrated with her sincere and accomplished people skills.