Compelling Online Event Experience

Corporate Meetings Network: The Key to Unlocking a Compelling Online Event Experience

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Compelling Online Event Experience

There has been an exponential increase in virtual events over the past few months. However, while demand and interest has increased for these offerings, it remains crucial to create a compelling online event experience to ensure your audience finds value in your events, and would attend again!

Redstone Co-founder and CEO, Carly Silberstein, was quoted in a Corporate Meetings Network article “The Key to Unlocking a Compelling Online Event Experience” which discusses the importance of having quality content that is curated to your audience and virtual event.

You need to be mindful of who your audience is and really cater to them. People like to consume content in different ways, and there are different attention spans and types of learners” says Carly.

Read the full article for more tips on creating a compelling online event experience.

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