The Ladder of Success: How to Advance Your Career, One Step at a Time

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In today’s hyper-competitive world, it is no longer enough to complete a college or university program, enter the workforce, and expect to climb the corporate ladder. These days it is imperative to differentiate yourself and your approach to work so that you stand out in the minds of your employers, clients and colleagues. Your career moves must be mindful, deliberate and well thought out.

What you can do now
Although you are forward thinking and planning for your career advancement, it is important to make the most of your current position and take advantage of all of the learning opportunities available to you. If you are looking to advance in your current role within your organizations or within your industry as a whole, you must consider the following things:

  • Don’t burn bridges. Be friendly and approachable with anyone you may encounter in your role — clients, colleagues, industry peers, mentors and bosses. You always want people to have a good impression of you and the work you do. This will come in handy when you are looking for different opportunities in the future.
  • Ask for written endorsements and recommendations. Written reference letters or endorsements on LinkedIn are a great way to highlight and showcase your successes. This is something you should ask your managers, bosses and even colleagues to do for you as you hit certain milestones or complete various projects.
  • Remember, if you are making a career move, be sure to put in 100 per cent effort until your very last day — you always want to leave on a positive note!

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By Carly Ekstein and Dory Kashlin

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Carly Silberstein, DES, CED

Carly is the Chief Executive Officer at Redstone Agency. She is a devoted entrepreneur with a passion for making personal connections and developing strategic partnerships for Redstone and its clients. Her ongoing focus on positive customer experiences has set a precedent for the quality of service that Redstone clients have come to expect.

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