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Yesterday, Redstone had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Special Events Live! Conference and Tradeshow. Year after year we are blown away by the creativity and passion of the exhibitors, and this year was no exception. The show floor was divided into four sections: Plan, Design, Imagine and Create. Each booth was unique, and it got us thinking about how to put together a conference booth/exhibit that will stand out. Here is a condensed list of our findings, to help increase interaction with your organization’s booth.

  1. Keep Things Open

While a tented booth or enclosed display may look visually appealing, it isn’t always welcoming. Attendees may feel that entering your tented area is a kind of commitment to hearing about your product, so you are less likely to snag the casual browsers.

  1. The Sky is the Limit

You are competing against many other creative individuals for the attention of attendees. Something we have found that works well to attract attention is the physical height of the displays. It seems strange at first, but taller displays are easier to locate and spark more interest. The majority of the taller displays are mainly aesthetic in nature, but it encourages attendees to stop and look up.

  1. Interactivity

Pens and pamphlets just don’t cut it anymore; booths with interactive elements have a higher attendance. As an example, the company Glowmi had a photo booth at their exhibit along with the physical display of their product. Even though Glowmi (LED furniture rental) is not strongly affiliated with photography, they understood the value of having something for attendees to interact with, giving them a reason to approach their booth.

  1. More than Google

Don’t just replicate your company’s website into physical form and expect people to stop by. Offer new information, insights or interactive elements that people can’t simply google in order to encourage attendees to take advantage of speaking to you in person. To do this you can incorporate interactivity as previously mentioned, or offer a discount/promotion to those who visit that you cannot get anywhere else. Event Graffiti did this well. They offer custom printed décor, so their space was decorated with full size examples of the work they do, including their signature light up marquee letters. It was a great way to see the product beyond photos on the internet.

  1. Add Seating

Tradeshow attendees end up tired after hours on their feet exploring the booths. Give them a chance to sit, organize their printed materials and business cards, and rest. Once they’re sitting they will likely be happy to chat now that they have happy feet.

  1. Smart Sponsorship

We noticed much of the décor around the tradeshow floor was sponsored by vendors who had booths at the event. It’s a great way to get your brand out there. The tradeshow organizers will be happy to have discounted/free services, and you can get more exposure. Here are a few examples we saw at the show that stood out to us.


In Motion Media Globes


Luxe Modern Rentals


Event Graffiti

It can be challenging coming up with a booth that represents your brand, encourages interaction and highlights your organization’s services while still staying within a reasonable budget. However making this list a priority will help you attract the crowd and make your time spent at the booth worth while.

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