The Digital Event Strategist (DES)

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DESRedstone is thrilled to announce that Carly Silberstein has completed the Digital Event Strategist (DES) Certification from PCMA’s The Digital Experience Institute®.

Carly is an early adopter of all things technology and the DES certification equips recipients with the highest-level of proficiency and achievement within the digital events industry. A digital event is any occurrence of people gathering together where some or all of the attendees are not physically in the same location, but are connected in a common environment. This may include events such as webinars, webcasts, live streams and hybrid events. Earning this certification demonstrates that Carly has extensive training, knowledge, and experience in producing and executing digital events, hybrid events, and live streams.

Because the digital world is constantly changing and evolving, new skill sets are required to effectively engage customers, members, and others through digital technology. Therefore it is essential that organizations utilize professionals that are trained to plan, design, execute, and measure the results of digital engagement efforts.

Digital events are becoming increasingly popular and efficient. They are a great way to economize, reduce travel costs, as well as increase event attendance by expanding reach and exposure. With this certification, Carly is current on all digital technologies and techniques and is qualified to lead organizations and their events into the future.

To learn more about how Redstone can help your organization embrace digital or hybrid events, get in touch!

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Kaitlyn McGuirk, MPC

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