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For National Volunteer Week, Redstone is celebrating the hard work and passion of volunteers everywhere! We recognize that a lot of the work we do would not be possible without the dedication and time commitment of our volunteers, especially in the not-for-profit world. This week we are putting an emphasis on recognizing their hard work and thanking them again for all they do.
We are all very busy between our personal and work lives, and most of us can agree that getting all you need to get done in one day can often be a challenge. It takes a special kind of person to see past their daily routine and take note of the struggles that others are facing. Your time is valuable, and the decision to give that time up for someone else who needs it, whether it is through volunteering on a board or committee, staffing an event, or other volunteerism, comes from a place of selflessness that can often be overlooked.

Great opportunities can arise from volunteering. You never know who you may meet while helping others, and when you give your time for others the universe can sometimes return the favour. We encourage everyone not only to volunteer, but also to be appreciative of those who commit their time for your benefit. Ensure that they feel appreciated, and be sure to return the favour when an opportunity presents itself. Ask your current employer about volunteer opportunities within your industry. Some employers even have policies that support volunteerism as part of your role within the company.

Again, thank you to not only the many volunteers that have worked with Redstone, but volunteers everywhere who make the world a better place by giving their time and expertise selflessly and genuinely. We hope this week inspires more people to begin volunteering, and reminds those of us who already do, to continue seeking out new opportunities.
Check out Volunteer Toronto if you’re looking for a place to start, or your local volunteer site if you’re outside the GTA, and follow #NVW2016 to read more about amazing volunteers.

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