Hailey Rodgers
Social & Content Coordinator

Hailey has had an insatiable passion for social media marketing since she was 16. She has created content for and managed several social media platforms for various organizations including but not limited to; a mental health non-profit, executive coaching company, mobile ‘friendship’ app, media publisher, and more. Hailey can create awesome content for any kind of organization out there. As a new member of the Redstone team, Hailey is eager to bring the skills she developed throughout university and her prior work to Redstone and her clients.  

Hailey graduated from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in 2021. She is extremely passionate about developing creative and unconventional strategies that drive awareness, boost brand engagement, build online communities, and generate new leads. Hailey is always looking for opportunities to learn, stretch, and grow so that she can make a greater impact.  

When Hailey isn’t brainstorming and creating epic social media content, you can find her working out at a boutique fitness studio, writing for her blog, podcasting, coaching, or hanging out with friends.