Esther Todes, DES
Digital Event Manager

Esther joins Redstone with over 7 years of non-profit and event management experience. Over the past several years, her career has allowed her to focus on developing skills in fundraising, large and small scale event planning, managing committees, as well as her marketing skills

Esther’s ability to foster long lasting relationships, due to her strong work ethic and dedication, has allowed her to quickly rise in the event world. She is driven to execute at the highest level for all of her clients, and shares their passion to exceed expectations.

Esther knows all too well that events don’t always go as planned, and prides herself on her ability to overcome any barriers and get the job done. She is a born leader, who has an uncanny ability to lead a team, and achieve the desired results.

No two events are ever the same, and Esther’s wide range of experience allows her to flourish, regardless of a clients request. From golf tournaments, to sold out galas, and everything in between, Esther continues to execute at a high level.