Camryn Garces
Marketing & Communications Intern

Camryn is an enthusiastic intern currently completing her Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing at Seneca College. Redstone is the perfect place for Camryn to contribute her fresh thinking and learn from the many talented professionals on her team.

Collectively, Camryn’s passion for her academic program, her wanderlust for travel (Korea, Paris, Italy, San Francisco and many more!), as well as her pursuit of personal creative projects, have coalesced to form a solid foundation from which to grow as a professional in the marketing field. This underlying theme of continuous exploration serves Camryn, the team and Redstone clients very well!

As a lifelong lover of cats, Camryn dispels the myth that curiosity killed the cat – rather curiosity propels the cat forward revealing a wealth of opportunity, and new experiences (or the occasional liver treat!).