Kaitlyn McGuirk, MPC
Manager of Marketing & Communications

Kaitlyn is the Manager of Marketing and Communications at Redstone Agency. She is an extremely organized and resourceful individual with an aptitude for marketing, communications, and writing. She has built her experience in a variety of roles and industries from the private accounting sector, to oil and gas, public relations, and now, the event and association management industry. Her involvement in diverse roles, industries, and academic courses has given her a more informed and comprehensive view of business that allows her to find creative solutions to fulfill clients’ needs.

Kaitlyn graduated from Ryerson University in 2017 with a Masters in Professional Communication. While at Ryerson, Kaitlyn was challenged to develop and acquire strong skills in critical thinking, communication, marketing, and design. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Co-op (Honours) from Memorial University with a concentration in marketing studies.

In her spare time, Kaitlyn has a strong desire and passion for travel and is always looking for her next adventure. She believes her experiences abroad demonstrate that she is not afraid to take necessary risks and put herself in difficult situations. Ultimately, Kaitlyn strives to bring diversity, a unique aspect, and her well roundedness to everything she does.