Jessica Ekstein
Event Coordinator

Jessica is excited to join Redstone’s enthusiastic and dynamic team. Her hard-working and creative contributions stem from her passion and drive to exceed clients’ expectations. Jessica’s experience as a Communications Intern for advocacy organizations arms her with the tools to build an effective brand and meaningful client relationships. She also managed social media platforms and built the company’s brand awareness and influence.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies from Western University, specializing in Consumer Behaviour. Her educational background prepared her for collaborative team work and allowed her to take a leadership position during her studies. Throughout Jessica’s education, she showed excellent attention to detail, organization, and resilience in the face of adversity. These are just a few of the assets Jessica brings to the Redstone team.

Always looking for new opportunities to grow, Jessica spends her spare time trying new restaurants, sight-seeing, and travelling to new places. She embraces experiences with open arms and likes to immerse herself in different cultures with different people. Jessica’s commitment to lifelong learning allows her to grow with others to produce successful results.